About Us

We transform your rides, runs, hikes and other activities into 3D printed works of art!

If you’re like us, you train hard most days.  We push our bodies, test our limits and as soon as we’re done we feel an overwhelming sense of achievement.

What’s left to do apart from share what we’ve accomplished with those who are close to us?

Enter PrintMyRoute

We turn your exercise data into beautiful and unique 3D prints showcasing your achievements.

Whether you’ve just run your first 5km, spent 6 months training for a 100 mile charity ride or you’ve just smashed your PB on your commute, you can create an amazing 3D print with PrintMyRoute to capture the memory.

  • Makes an ideal gift for your favorite cyclist, runner, triathlete or hiker
  • Relive the exhilaration of your adventures in miniature form!
  • Looks great – the more epic the route, the more epic the print!
  • Eye catching and interesting
  • Printed using bio-active thermoplastic derived from renewable sources
  • Available in a wide choice of colours

These prints 3D are a conversation starter that you’ll never get tired of.  Family, friends and colleagues will be amazed at your hard work and dedication to completing this impressive feat.

Our prints make an excellent gift for any occasion, including Christmas, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and housewarming gifts.

If you don’t have any GPS data, you can create your own route using the Strava Route Builder  (Strava account required) or you can use one of the many other GPS route creation tools available online.

Contact us if you need any advice on how to create a route for uploading.