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3D Printed Map Profile – a 3D map profile of your route, available in a range of colours.


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Make this print XL sized (larger dimensions for the ultimate print!)

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Our Map Profile 3D prints typically measure around 170mm to 190mm at their widest point but in some cases we’ll increase their size – this is dependent on the shape of the route so we can’t guarantee a larger print.  The height of the model will depend on the elevation profile of the GPS data but normally won’t exceed 40mm

For the ultimate 3D print, choose to the XL option – we’ll scale up your route to fit the maximum dimensions of our printers.  On a looped/circular route, this will be close to 200mm in width/length.  We will then boost the elevation profile further to enhance the look of the route and make it look EPIC!!  Typically, this will result in a print between 60mm to 80mm in height.

Please note: Each 3D Print is a custom made bespoke item.  There may be small areas in your 3D print which appear “zitty”, “lumpy” or “bumpy” and while we do our best to avoid imperfections, it’s the nature of 3D printing that produces these blemishes and sometimes they are unavoidable.

We aim to print and despatch your orders as quickly as possible but it may take up to 2 weeks for your print to be despatched (and international orders may take longer), and in exceptional circumstances it could take up to 4 weeks for your print to arrive.



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